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This process occurred in several ways.

Picasso cubist still life paintings. This composition is closely related to his paintings of the period. Liberation of color was headed by matisse whereas the founders of cubism braque and picasso were more inclined towards shape. Cubism burgeoned between 1907 and 1911.

Picasso and braques paintings at this time share many similarities. Pablo picassos 1907 painting les demoiselles davignon has often been considered a proto cubist work. Artwork page for still life pablo picasso 1914 picassos relief constructions which he began making in 191213 extended traditional still life painting into three dimensional space.

Such cubist prints are exceedingly rare and are often created after the image of renowned picasso cubist paintings such as still life with a bottle of rum 1911. Students will create a still life drawingcollage in the cubist style. An important difference between picasso and the cubist mondrian was that picasso never really gave up the third dimension.

The student will compare ways in which picasso and other artists used still life as an art form. Both artists took apart objects and analyzed them in terms of their shapes. Picasso and braque worked together closely during the next few years 190912the only time picasso ever worked with another painter in this wayand they developed what came to be known as analytical cubism.

Rejection of a life like imitation of the objective world opened incredible opportunities to artists. It appears to depict a table top or small sideboard with a knife a beer glass two slices of sausage and a slice of cheese or pate. Cubism is one of the most innovative and influential art movements of the twentieth century yet it frequently turned to the traditional genre known as the still life.

Early cubist paintings were often misunderstood by critics and viewers because they were thought to be merely geometric art. Associated most of all with pioneering cubism he also invented collage and made major contribution to surrealismhe saw himself above all as a painter yet his sculpture was greatly influential and he also explored areas as diverse as printmaking and ceramics. Picasso also incorporated pochoir or hand applied watercolor to the majority of his cubist prints further contributing a sense of texture and color.

Pablo picasso was the most dominant and influential artist of the 1st half of the 20th century. The student will develop an understanding of the cubistic style of painting and its impact on the history of art. Noteworthy is the work of piet mondrian who linearized cubism in his 1912 apple tree painting a process which ultimately led to the first really non figurative paintings or pure abstract art from 1914 on.

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