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Stylestypes of baroque art.

Baroque art still life. Dutch golden age painting is the painting of the dutch golden age a period in dutch history roughly spanning the 17th century during and after the later part of the eighty years war 15681648 for dutch independence. Baroque portraits and the foremost still life and animal painter frans snyders 1579. Feb 16 2015 explore dechinaceas board baroque still life on pinterest.

Still life painting as an independent genre or specialty first flourished in the netherlands during the early 1600s although german and french painters for example georg flegel and sebastian stoskopff. Dec 29 2013 a collection of my favorite baroque still life paintings. The northern netherlandish provinces that made up the new state.

Still lifes is a work of art depicting mostly inanimate subject matter typically commonplace objects which are either natural food flowers dead animals plants rocks shells etc or man made drinking glasses books vases jewelry coins pipes etc. The new dutch republic was the most prosperous nation in europe and led european trade science and art. However some of the greatest still lifes contain complex messages narrative encapsulated in the type of objects displayed and how they are arranged.

To beginners pictures of still life may seem quite boring when compared with action packed history painting evocative landscapes or emotional portraits. While still life painting also blossomed in the dutch golden age the most renowned baroque still life artist is likely french artist jean chardin of the rococo period. 211521 200268 were also early participants in the development and less continuous traditions of italian and spanish still life painting date from the same period.

Still life as an art form. In order to fulfill its propagandist role catholic inspired baroque art tended to be large scale works of public art such as monumental wall paintings and huge frescoes for the ceilings and vaults of palaces and churches. With origins in the middle ages and ancient greco roman art still life painting emerged as a distinct genre.

The movement is often identified with absolutism the counter reformation and catholic revival but the existence of important baroque art and architecture in non absolutist and protestant states throughout western europe underscores its widespread popularity. A still life plural. The period roughly begins when the dutch republic was split from the habsburg spain regions to the south with the spanish recapturing of antwerp in 1585 and goes until about 1700 when habsburg authority ended with the death of king charles ii.

Baroque painting is the painting associated with the baroque cultural movement. Finally the dutch golden age gave rise to natural portraiture which captures a persons spontaneous natural posture and expression.

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